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Chisopani is a beautiful village located on a high hill between dense forests. Since it is located high, you can see beautiful mountain views and sunrises early in the morning. People usually travel to this to remember this mesmerizing view, but I don’t think it would be much fun to travel this far just to see a view. Hence, I’ve put together a list of things you can do and places you should visit when traveling to and from Chisopani.                                                                                


The hiking trend has been recently increasing in our country. So people might be wondering about places to hike with their friends and families. Therefore, a hike to Chisopani would be one of your best destinations. Starting your journey from Sundarijal your destination ends at Chisopani. On this trip, you will get to explore many beautiful trails. You get to see a beautiful dam and all your trip is traveling in between woods and leading your way forward following the Bagmati river. Since chisopani is also located inside the Shivapuri National Park one can get to see animals like wild boar, deer, kalij, and different kinds of bird species.




Cycling/bike ride: 

One of the most adventurous things to do while going to Chisopani is a bike ride. The ups and down off road within the forest will be a thrilling and exciting ride.





Dhap was originally a wetland in between the forest. But today it has been changed into a beautiful dam. The main motive of this project was to charge Bagmati river downstream and restore river environment in the Kathmandu Valley.

dhap pokhari (before the bagmati project)
Dhap Dam(after the bagmati project)




here is a short video of dhap dam and a view tower that is located in chisopani





Manichud has recently become a popular destination. It is believed that Gautam Buddha once meditated at this place. This is a perfect place for traveling with friends and families to have fun and religious purpose as well. One can have a dry picnic and enjoy the peaceful scenery.